A moment to hit pause!

2020 certainly has been an interesting year for most of us. For me, the realisation of how heavily dependent on consuming product I was, was a massive wake up call. As difficult as it might have been at times, the lockdowns & shop closures really did give us all a chance to hit pause and take a deeper think, not only about what we really need but where is it all coming from. 

So often we wait on packages to arrive for items we have ordered, giving little thought on its origins, its story, the stages it took to get to us, be it sourcing the raw material to creation, packaging & shipment. Little thought goes into the sustainability of the item, but I found myself asking was it ethically sourced? How did the labourers create such an amazing work of art? Is this a family tradition? And most importantly, am I harming the world every time I hit “buy?"

After speaking to many artisans and visiting countless souqs in my lifetime, I grew to see the fundamental teachings in Moroccan parenting and that is “no waste left behind!" This applies in many aspects of Moroccan life and culture, be it from food to clothing & interior where we witness the creation of beautiful one-off items made from what would have been seen as scraps of wool or recycled glass.

I guess what’s important from time to time is take a moment to stop, pause, and reflect. Will the universe really be able to sustain all that we throw at it? Will there be a need for talent and craftsmanship as we grow, evolve and create smarter machines to do what humans once did? 

There is a fine line between preserving natural materials and the environment for the future, whilst ensuring generational traditional craftsmanship isn't lost and forgotten. How do you make decision that stay true to what you believeHaving met a myriad of highly skilled craftsmen who hung up their tools for a more “stable” job in the city, really did get me thinking. I grew up wishing I had skills and talent of the skilled artisans who created beautiful pieces of history however, we'd left them behind because we forgot to really appreciate their craft.

This is why we set up Artisans Du Maroc, to be ethically sourced, sustainable & to do our part in bringing these special pieces of craftmanship to your home.  


Ethically Sourced | Sustainable | Uniquely Crafted 


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