We are a doorway between cultures, connecting the Western world with our Moroccan roots. Explore our souq and you'll find consciously curated, sustainably produced home furnishings and décor with soul. We work directly with communities across the land so craftspeople can trade beyond borders. We want you to experience the treasures, and rare finds that we discover on our travels.
Artisans Du Maroc is an invitation to empower Morocco’s free people and keep beautiful, time-honoured heritage alive
We are a planet-first brand, and are committed to a sustainable product lifecycle. From the raw materials used in each unique piece’s production to the journey your item takes from the village to your front room, we consciously coordinate with all our product makers.
We practice fair trade and believe in business for positive change, which means fair prices, and better working conditions for our artisan friends.
Every single hand knotted, woven, forged, and painted item we sell is born out of artistry and patience. We respect, trust and honour each artisan with the relationships we build on the ground and in the communities and cooperatives we support.
“Little and lasting is better than much and passing.”
(Moroccan Proverb)
Berber village
Artisans Du Maroc is a sisterly celebration of the Morocco of our childhood memories. The magic and excitement we felt inside the souks we explored as children stays with us to this day.  We have a deep love and appreciation for our Moroccan homeland, its rich culture and artistic heritage. The idea to form Artisans du Maroc was a simple one, born of a desire to empower our native craftspeople and share their wares with the world. 
Artisans Du Maroc is our gift to you so that you might take some of the enchantment and magic of Morocco home with you too. 
Welcome to our souq. 
Hasna & Kay