Côté Bougie



The Raphia collection is inspired by Essaouira's handicrafts, and entirely hand-woven by a women's cooperative. The social aspect of work is a real issue at Côté Bougie & Artisans du Maroc. Beyond the local materials used, we make it a point of honor to highlight the know-how of our craftsmen, and in particular, the women with whom we work.

The Zayna candle brings a breath of elegance with the delicate fragrance of dates, a true declaration of love to our date palms in Marrakech. A creamy and sweet olfactory signature with gourmet notes including fig, rose and patchouli.

Product details:

  • Fragrance 100% cotton wick - Dates
  • Burn time: 40 hours 
  • Height: 9cm 
  • Diameter:7cm 

Our candles are 100% handmade and produced by Côté Bougie.

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